Unique Automotive Experiences

Unique Automotive Experiences

We offer yearly experiences at Seven Experience, such as the Riyadh Car Show, road trips, and auctions. These are all fantastic opportunities to see incredible cars and have exciting travel experiences. Whether you want to purchase a vehicle or enjoy the sights, Seven Experience has something for everyone.


We strive to offer automotive lovers the highest level of credibility, quality, and sophistication in our products to deliver unforgettable experiences.


SEVEN Experience is a brand that creates a lifestyle experience for our participants and guests to attend and live the ultimate experience

We are working to develop the idea of experience and events by creating a special experience using our sources to give our members, participants, and guests magnificent moments.



Riyadh Car Show 1 | 2019

Riyadh Car Show 1 | 2019

The annual Riyadh car show is a highly esteemed event showcasing the finest automobiles the industry offers. The exhibition boasts diverse exhibitors, including distinguished manufacturers, reputable dealers, and dedicated car collectors. Visitors can anticipate experiencing some of the most exclusive and opulent cars available, ranging from new releases to classic models. This event provides a unique opportunity for car enthusiasts to indulge in their love for automobiles and connect with like-minded individuals.

Riyadh Car Show includes more than 16 Zones of automotive activities.

Classical Cars, Dealers, Manufacturers

Riyadh Car Show 1 | 2019 | SEVEN CONCOURS


Riyadh Car Show 2 | 2021

He largest automobile exhibition in the Middle East. It offers unique and exceptional features and activities for car enthusiasts. In addition to the Ferrari Festival, which will take place on Nov. 26-27.

The show contains global companies in this industry. Although classic cars in the heritage area and the exclusive Pagani Museum expose the company's long history in the industry, moreover, the Plaza area with its attractive design. Visitors will see the rarest, most luxurious, and fastest type of cars ever.

Imagination Park

Riyadh Car Show 3 | 2023

The most influential automotive event in the Middle East

Your all-in experience in the Automotive world witnesses the latest innovations, experiences, and top-notch products in the AUTOWORLD segment at

the Riyadh Car Show 2023.

The AUTOWORLD segment at the Riyadh Car Show 2023 will be your one-stop shop for the latest innovations and unique experiences in the automotive industry.

Aftermarket manufacturers, customizers, boutique car companies, car care companies, and car accessories.

Offering the most sought-after experiences for meeting with top companies in the industry, this segment of the Riyadh Car Show is specifically tailored to local and regional buyers. You'll connect with industry professionals worldwide, eager to meet your automotive ambitions.


Collectors and vehicle enthusiasts worldwide congregate at these auctions to sell their vintage and contemporary rides.

This exclusive automobile auction takes place every three months, catering to car enthusiasts and collectors with a deep passion for unique vehicles. The event's main goal is to offer attendees a rare chance to obtain one-of-a-kind cars that are hard to come by elsewhere.


Seven Experience offers an exceptional opportunity for car enthusiasts to embark on unforgettable 

Europe trips

Enjoying Supercars in Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic. Visiting BMW and Porsche museums for an unforgettable automotive experience.

Europe Itinerary - July 2023

First Destination Plan

In Germany - Munich to Salzburg

Second Destination Plan

From Germany - to the Czech city of Salzburg

Český Budjovice

Third Destination Plan

Czech Republic - Salzburg to Prague

South Run 2020

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is witnessing countless terrain, increasing the value of its land's beauty. It allows the wanderer among its mountains, plains, and plateaus to live a dream and an unforgettable experience and explore places that the visitor has not seen before, to enjoy stunning views in a trip organized by Seven to be an exceptional experience in southern Saudi Arabia through unique cars and the opportunity to challenge and speed.

South Run Itinerary - 2020

First Destination Plan

From Taif to Baljurashi

Second Destination Plan

From the city of Baljurashi to Al-Namas

Third Destination Plan

From Abha to the Souda Mountains


We organize a trip every three months