‌We believe that the car is a precious piece, and taking care of it is our goal, so we provide car storage service to be cared for and cared for by experts in every maintenance aspect.

Our idea came from the desire to create a safe place for owners to store their luxury cars and deal with all their other needs about luxury or vintage cars, from engineering and maintenance to car storage.



Storage stages

Since the start of storage, the car has gone through several stages to provide a world-class storage service; these stages are comprehensive car inspection, car care with the best materials available globally, dedicated parking, protection from moisture, complete preservation of privacy, delivery, and receipt of the car to and from its owner and then carrying out private government work for the car during the storage period.

When the car joins, a comprehensive case study is carried out, starting from checking the maintenance catalog, tires, battery, and all other parts and ensuring there is no malfunction. The owner is informed in the event of any malfunctions in the vehicle. To protect the tires from wear, dedicated pedals are placed under them that help them carry the car's weight.

After completing the case study and comprehensive examination of the car and then cleaning and maintenance, a position is allocated to be placed and charged by a special device so that the safety of the battery is preserved.

We provide a high-level service to ensure the most confidential, secure, and professional storage of your vehicle.


More than just a storage facility! We provide the best global logistics services, where the car is transported with the utmost care and attention after a complete last inspection is carried out, cleaned, and ensured of its safety and readiness to go.

The car is a masterpiece.

Sometimes it is a rare piece, so it should be taken care of uniquely and distinctively, and this is what we are keen to offer at Seven Spa.

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