The R 18 Spirit of Passion by Kingston Custom: A Masterpiece of Motorcycle Craftsmanship

This exceptional motorcycle, born from the iconic BMW R 18, captures the essence of passion and craftsmanship, showcasing the unlimited creative possibilities that lie within the world of customization.

 R 18 Spirit

 The BMW R18 has captivated motorcycle enthusiasts with its perfect blend of power and design. Renowned customizer Dirk Oehlerking, founder of Kingston Custom, recognized the exceptional qualities of the R18 and made the decision to leave its technology untouched.

 The Soul of the R 18

When Dirk Oehlerking set his eyes on the BMW R 18, he saw more than just a motorcycle; he saw a machine with a soul and a spirit. Determined to honor its original design while adding his unique touch, Dirk embarked on a journey to create a true masterpiece.

Preserving the essence

Unlike many customizers who strip down the bike completely, Dirk chose to leave the R 18's technology untouched. He recognized the exceptional qualities of the R 18's Big Boxer. The centerpiece of the R18 is the formidable Big Boxer engine, a 1.8-liter air-cooled flat-twin that packs a punch with 91 horsepower and 116 pound-feet of torque. This iconic engine, which blends historical heritage with contemporary performance, showcases BMW's exceptional engineering expertise. What distinguishes the Big Boxer is its distinctive characteristic:an external driveshaft that powers the rear wheel, deviating from the conventional chain or belt drive systems commonly seen in modern motorcycles.

A Fusion of Past and Present

The R-18 Spirit of Passion is more than just a custom motorcycle; it's a fusion of the past and the present. Dirk's deep respect for the R 18's original design shines through in his modifications, creating a harmonious blend of heritage and innovation. The result is a bike that turns heads, stirs emotions, and becomes a true work of art.

Beyond the aesthetics

While the R-18 Spirit of Passion is undeniably a visual marvel, it remains a functional and practical motorcycle. Dirk's modifications enhance the bike's beauty while retaining its everyday usability. The ride quality, performance, and reliability that the R 18 is known for are not compromised in this custom creation.

The R 18 Spirit of Passion by Kingston Custom is a testament to the artistry, dedication, and ingenuity of Dirk Oehlerking. Through his vision, the BMW R 18 has been transformed into a genuine masterpiece that captures the hearts of motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide. The Spirit of Passion celebrates the perfect balance between art and engineering, showcasing the boundless possibilities of customization while preserving the soul of the original machine.