Europe Trip - July 2023

Enjoying Supercars in Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic. Visiting BMW and Porsche museums for an unforgettable automotive experience.

Europe Trip - July 2023

SEVEN Experience

If you are one of those who enjoy driving a car on a road accompanied by a group that shares the same interests and enjoys the same destination, of course you will be ready to go with them on a trip in another new place in roads prepared to enjoy driving your luxury car and the opportunity to contemplate your favorite car as a piece of art between the picturesque nature and the beautiful roads to enjoy the beauty of driving and live a dream trip in the streets that make you feel the beauty of your car and the nature around you, and of course when you drive your car in nature and beautiful views it will be Its splendor and feeling is different from driving on ordinary streets, especially if there are companions who share the same feelings, challenges and adventures in the trip and enjoy it, with a plan arranged by Sven, where you find in Europe the Germany road with open speed "Autobahn", which is the name of the highway network in Germany, and it may be the most famous road network in the world.

And enjoying the sound of your car's engine and driving on an ideal road helps to increase the stability of the car due to the quality of the road industry, as this road is characterized by being very thick, with a thickness of up to 70 cm, in addition to visiting ancient places and enjoying the most beautiful restaurants, staying overnight in hotels with an ancient and historical story, visiting museums and delving into experiences that make you live a rare and wonderful feeling.

To drive your luxury car with a group of people with their rare and luxury cars that feel the beauty of the trip in three different cities, and the most beautiful of this feeling is that the plan is ready and arranged for you by SEVEN Experience.

Where attention to details that make you feel the beauty of the event more and facilitate the procedures for transporting your luxury car and attention to its maintenance if necessary, and care for it throughout the trip, in addition to paying attention to its cleanliness, washing and taking the most beautiful shots of it to be a masterpiece in the arms of European nature.

Europe Itinerary - July 2023

The continent of Europe is characterized by beautiful landscapes, in addition to the large number of tourist places that invite you to explore. Still, the secret can be in choosing the best destinations to drive your car in, so we have planned several paths and destinations prepared accurately by our experts to organize an unforgettable trip!

First Destination Plan

In Germany - Munich to Salzburg

Germany is the only European country with no speed limit on most of its highways. The maintenance of these roads is generally good, which makes you want to explore them.

When you describe the German city of Munich, you describe it as a charming city, and it is considered the third largest city in Germany and is one hour away from the Alps by car, and Munich is located in the center of Europe approximately, where it is considered the strongest and richest city in Germany, so if you take a trip by luxury car and enjoy nature between European villages and designs of German houses in the ancient architectural style, you will find fun for your eyes, where the sounds of nature and many stunning scenes, and its terrain is characterized between the mountains that touch the clouds when the clouds touch the tops of the peaks The mountain sees it blocking the sun's rays at times and leaving it to flow at other times, so its scene increases well and beautifully.

As for the city of Salzburg, it is one of the famous cities in Germany and is home to green hills and beautiful and picturesque gardens, and it is considered one of the most beautiful areas in Germany in the winter, as its mountains are covered with snow and are famous for high temperatures and rainfall.

First day : Thursday - 6 July 2023

  • Head to the hotel
  • Dinner at a fine dining restaurant
  • Driving 4.6 km

Day 2: Friday - July 7, 2023

Second Destination Plan

From Germany - to the Czech city of Salzburg

Český Budjovice

Located at the confluence of the Wattva and Males Rivers, Český Budějovice is rich in green areas, trees, and picturesque plants. It is one of the most important tourist destinations in the Czech Republic, and it also has one of the largest squares in Europe, the Premisel Otakar Square, along with its charming streets that form a maze of ancient historical corridors.

And the route in your organized journey has been carefully chosen as it is one of the best ways you can see your life! Especially if the road is ready for driving, the road was created in the seventies of the last century using 6 thousand tons of dynamite to create one uninterrupted and integrated road in the automotive world.

n the Czech Republic, you can enjoy driving with the range of cars that accompany your car and enjoy the view of your favorite cars with flats, dense tree views and charming streets that make you live a different era and make you enjoy your journey with Sven.

Day 3: Saturday - 8 July 2023

 Day 4: Sunday - 9 July 2023

Third Destination Plan

Czech Republic - Salzburg to Prague

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and is located on several hills on the banks of the Vltava River and enjoys a cloudy, bright and rainy climate that makes the driver have beautiful moments in driving in this atmosphere in addition to that there are several natural factors, including rich soil and abundance of water and the city expanded during the Middle Ages through the Vltava River and it is known that it has a charming climate, and now the city has developed so that the roads are prepared and one of the best places to drive your luxury car where mountain roads and hills And the green plains that allow you to enjoy the beauty of driving your car in the arms of Prague nature.

Day 5: Monday - July 10, 2023

  • Hotel check-out and direction to Prague
  • Driving 151 km
  • Shooting Event in Sindlovy
  • 3 km driving
  • Lunch at a well-known restaurant in Prague
  • 3 km driving
  • Dinner at Terasa u Zlate Studne Restaurant
  • Driving 5 km

Day Six: Tuesday - July 11, 2023

Seventh day: Wednesday 12 July 2023

  • Leaving a hotel from Prague
  • Enjoy a trip to Munich and drive 382 kilometers on the way back.

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