From ambition to dream realization

From ambition to dream realization

Learn about the story of Königsegg

When Christian von Königsegg was a 5-year-old boy who dreamed of being one of the world's most significant automakers, Christian is now the founder of Koenigsegg Sports Cars.

When he grew up, he decided to pursue his ambition and pursue his dream at the age of 22 and was then without experience in the field of engineering and the automotive industry, but he learned by various means and methods and sought with the motivation and motivation that he was driving to be the best and most excellent manufacturer of high-performance cars in the world.

Christine's automotive philosophy was to make a car that is beautiful but practical and, most importantly, as we mentioned, a high-performance car that can only use the best and finest materials.

On his way to achieving the dream, Christian did not want to be apprenticed and learned by racing car legends and knowledge from their experiences in this field in a traditional way, but decided to hone his skills himself and swore to make and design a car himself! And he was able to achieve his dream from nothing.

Christine set up his factory on an abandoned air base in a small town called Angelholm in Sweden. It is a very small factory compared to giant car factories.

But the products of this small factory come out of its priceless cars.

In September 2000, the first production prototype was exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show.

On his way into the world of innovation and creativity, he faced many challenges, including financial and technological challenges, all this to achieve making a high-performance car with a small team and limited and very little funding.

In 1994 Christine transferred this philosophy from paper to the production line, it was time to produce a prototype, but this required money and a team.

Christian found an unconventional solution, and his business ambitions were: he used the Internet.

Suppliers and engineers are willing to share their products and expertise at little or no cost.


In all his creative ways, he created a supercar as a masterpiece in the automotive world in less than twenty years in record time!

And now Koenigsegg is considered.