Riyadh Motor Show 2019

The Riyadh Motor Show 2019 was held to achieve the long-awaited dream which is the most significant event for car enthusiasts in the Middle East, which opened on Thursday, November 21, and continued until Tuesday, November 26, 2019, in the capital, Riyadh, in the Janadriyah district.

Riyadh Motor Show 2019


The Riyadh Motor Show 2019 was held to achieve the long-awaited dream which is the most significant event for car enthusiasts in the Middle East, which opened on Thursday, November 21, and continued until Tuesday, November 26, 2019, in the capital, Riyadh, in the Janadriyah district.

This kept pace with a new era of entertainment car shows in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and made a unique experience to display the largest group of luxury cars, which are characterized by many models of rare cars for the public to enjoy and yearn to explore. The car show is classified as the season's finest and most famous event, as the exhibition included the accession of the largest international companies in the world of cars of various types and sections. The show witnessed the world's most expensive and rarest cars, displayed and valued at 3 billion Saudi riyals.

The exhibition includes more than 600 cars, the participation of more than 50 brands and 18 international car manufacturers, and more in just one place!

In addition to the classic cars offered in the most famous auction in Saudi Arabia.

Car enthusiasts worldwide attended the exhibition to watch this unique event, a dream for all car lovers to enable them to enjoy watching their favorite cars in an exclusive and international show!

It is worth noting that the Seven Exhibition was classified as a vast historical event because of thethe massive number of cars in a vast area. For the company of many visitors, the exhibition was built with a large area of up to 140 thousand square meters.

The number of visitors to this exhibition reached 100,000, and it was an experience that car enthusiasts could live in only one place!

The "Car of the Future 2030", the only version around the world and launched for the first time during the press conference accompanying the launch of the exhibition, was also unveiled, a fully electric car that took six months to manufacture, designed by Italian automotive expert Fabricio, and the only one of its kind in the world and was unveiled for the first time in Riyadh, with the car to be finalized next March.

The exhibition witnessed significant events, which were documented by the means of communication and media to confirm the latest developments and news in the show, and the most prominent events were:

A dazzling display of the most expensive car in the world, whose price ranges between 200 - 300 million Saudi riyals, was displayed in the VIP area, and the first supporters of this exhibition, the Riyadh Season, and the events held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia were also present, for being part of the success of this exhibition, so it was an honor and pride to attend His Highness Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, His Excellency Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh and many critical leading figures in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In addition, the VIP hall is divided into several sections, including Cigar Lounge - an exclusive and unique car lounge - an outdoor yard, and restaurants overlooking the track.

The exhibition will witness multiple events that meet the passion of car enthusiasts, such as the Riyadh Motor Show Auction, Ferrari Show, Human Cannon, Simulation Racing, RC & Drifting Racing, Monster Jam, Police Academy, Hot Wheels, and several concerts.

Seven Auction :

A global auction is being held for the first time in Saudi Arabia, featuring the best types of cars, classic, modified, vintage, and future vehicles.

What increases the enthusiasm and fun for bidding lovers worldwide and displays their classic and modern cars in the auction and the auction event captures the excitement of car lovers. It adds an enthusiastic atmosphere when bidding strong.

The famous Riyadh Motor Show auction was marked by cooperation with Silverstone, a world-class auction company specializing in selling classic cars, super and modern vehicles, and all competing cars.

According to statistics, Sales during the Silverstone global auctions amounted to more than 197 million Saudi riyals.

The most pompous, rarest, and best rare cars in the world were displayed in a global auction to be in one platform and chosen among the Seven auction cars, so the car lover is impressed by the presence and way vehicles are displayed in one place! Ninety-two vehicles were sold at auction.



Former Brazilian football star Ronaldinho opened to be the first buyer at the Riyadh Motor Show, and he bought one of the rarest cars in the world, which is one of 200 cars,

To be the first person to start the auction and interact in the auction held at the Riyadh Motor Show.

The British company Silverstone, the most famous in auctions in the world, managed and provided its expertise and put the cars at the time of auction.

Luxury car collectors and automotive specialists registered their cars to be displayed at the Riyadh Motor Show 2019 auction.

Even if the cars are not in their original condition, Seven Spa has taken care of, modified, and maintained them.

Seven Racing :

The track area with a design is a circular winding track, allowing the visitor to experience exploring and riding luxury and rare cars with the owners of these cars on a tour of the Riyadh Motor Show track, allowing other visitors to see the cars up close and enhance interaction with them.

Among the most prominent events at the Riyadh Motor Show 2019 is the launch of the Toyota Supra 2019 in a striking show and sports way and the participation of the car in the drift event at the Riyadh Motor Show under famous media drivers, such as Abdo Feghali and Nour Al-Dawood, as well as Maharah Racing Academy.

The drift championship also witnessed the presence of world champions in drifting and a local title at the level of racers.

One of the event's highlights was the presence of world champion James Dean and his competition with local champions such as Bader Al Sharihi, Mishari Al Harbi, and Nicolas Suleiman at the Seven Racing Circuit at the Riyadh Motor Show.

There are also a number of the most prominent automotive celebrities, including the most famous car presenters in the world, such as Ryan Friedlinghaus, founder and presenter of the program «West Coast Costumes,» and DAVE Kindig, presenter of the program «Kindig - it design.»

Makers and Modification of Vehicles Area:

Riyadh Motor Show has reached the top among all exhibitions due to the quality of the events and the diversity of areas in it, as the car makers area contains the essential car manufacturers globally, in addition to a group of international manufacturers of the latest types of cars.

The area contains the most essential car manufacturers globally and a group of Saudi manufacturers.

And join the most famous luxury car brands, platforms, and spaces to display cars, in addition to direct interactive experiences with the vehicles of manufacturers by riding them and getting an introductory tour about and listing the specifications of the car.

These manufacturers will display cars with the latest developments and features. For the first time, they will highlight these features in this exhibition, where the fun and luxury of the event will amaze car lovers.

And hosting the best experts in this field to present an exceptional exhibition and make it the largest specialized car show in the Middle East. The collection welcomed many enthusiasts to see modern, classic, and exclusive royal cars. Manufacturers will file their brilliant patents on contemporary car models, attracting visitors to the show. The exhibition also included

Services provided by local, regional, and international companies for cars, motorcycles, and vehicles; in addition to that, this area contains these services as an example:

  • Car upholstery
  • Car Polishing
  • Car Painting - Professional Paint
  • Furniture in the form of cars
  • Car Accessories & Models
  • Restoration of old cars
  • International artists specialized in painting
  • Automotive Distributors
  • Car Modification Services
  • Luxury Car Plating Services
  • Miniature models of cars
  • Custom Car Cleaning Tools
  • Motorcycles
  • Importers of classic cars
  • Automotive Distributors
  • Modern audio technologies for cars
  • Luxury limousines
  • Modified mechanical parts for cars

Off-Road Area - Monster Jam

It is an area fully equipped with diverse terrain and different surfaces, where SUV and off-road enthusiasts can live this adventure and overcome these obstacles, with a design mixed with more challenges for experienced off-road drivers.

Monster Jam presented an exceptional show.

مونستر جام في معرض الرياض للسيارات 

Interactive Leadership:

Therefore, the exhibition provides interactive programs that meet the needs of visitors, such as a skill circuit for karting and simulation racing, and they can learn about the Ferrari team and how they work during Formula 1 races, in addition to a unique experience that allows them to ride with a professional Ferrari driver.

What made the exhibition more enjoyable for the visitor and a desire to attend day after day and not be satisfied with the pleasure of watching exclusive, luxury, and rare cars at the Riyadh Motor Show is the presence of the Ferrari racing team, and visitors enjoyed and listened to the sounds of Formula One engines resounding with the beauty of the sounds of their engines throughout the Riyadh Motor Show 2019

As well as one of the champions of the Brazilian «Formula 1» races

Emerson Fittipaldi has won 14 titles during his long career in motor racing.

معرض الرياض للسيارات 

Art Work for the Movie Cars

For the first time at the Riyadh Motor Show, and in cooperation with the most prominent film production companies in Hollywood, a space was allocated to display the most famous movie cars we have always loved and interacted with throughout the past thirty years.

Food Court

Among the most famous restaurants and cafes selected for the most delicious meals were distributed throughout the event to add a valuable and unique experience for visitors to the Riyadh Motor Show.


  • The first Dog's Challenger Damon was showcased in Saudi Arabia after its launch at the Riyadh Motor Show.

عرض أول لدوج تشالجينر SRT ديمون 
  • The exhibition included the participation of international garages for modification, such as (Gas Monkey - Magna Flow - Hearst - Trunk Trend - Cleveland Project)


And many great cars have strengthened Ferrari's position historically and globally.

(There are only ten cars in the world)