South Run 2020

At Seven, we take the initiative to create an experience for car lovers worldwide. We allow unique and distinctive public or private events to live the dream and achieve an adventure full of excitement and enthusiasm, so we contribute.

South Run 2020
SEVEN Experience

SEVEN Experience

About SEVEN Experience - About SEVEN Experiences

At Seven, we take the initiative to create an experience for car lovers worldwide. We allow unique and distinctive public or private events to live the dream and achieve an adventure full of excitement and enthusiasm, so we contribute.

SEVEN Experience with a group of experts in the field of events, entertainment, automotive and various sports worldwide to create an exceptional experience you cannot find elsewhere!

We renew experiences, explore the passion of car enthusiasts and showcase them in a way that fits the vision and purpose of Seven.

We aim to be the best company with creative expertise in Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, and worldwide to achieve the dreams that car enthusiasts can live.

At Seven Travels, our lifestyle is characterized by luxurious adventures, travel, and exploring new fun ways.

South Run 2020 - South Trip 2020

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is witnessing countless terrain, increasing the value of its land's beauty. It allows the wanderer among its mountains, plains, and plateaus to live a dream and an unforgettable experience and explore places that the visitor has not seen before, to enjoy stunning views in a trip organized by SEVEN to be an exceptional experience in southern Saudi Arabia through unique cars and the opportunity to challenge and speed.

Our itinerary included seven destinations with different activities! To explore an enjoyable journey

مسار رحلة السيارات 

Starting from the Taif Mountains in the Makkah region to the south of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and reaching the Asir region along the charming Abha Mountains, especially since the weather was very excellent. The duration of the trip was four days, and more than 1000 km with adventurers on a Seven trip to the south.

First Destination Plan

From Taif to Baljurashi

Taif is rich in its picturesque and fantastic terrain, as it is considered the most important tourist destination in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Many residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia go to it to enjoy their time away from the pressures of life and noise. It is also famous for its many dams that reserve water and irrigate spacious gardens.

The journey began with the experiences of Seven on a trip south of the city of Taif, which was decorated with attractive landscapes.

First day: -

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Shubra Area
  • Taif Rose Factory
  • Lunch and rest, and then head to Al Baha Road
  • Access to the courtyard and comfort in the hotel
  • End the first day at the hotel in Baljurashi.

Second Destination Plan

From the city of Baljurashi to Al-Namas

The city of Baljurashi is considered one of the most abundant greenery, dense forests, and foggy atmosphere, as the clouds give beauty and charm to the nature of the region, and the rains that add luster help attract visitors from the different areas of the Kingdom by traveling and living experiences in it and enjoying its atmosphere.

The road was full of enthusiasm in the city of Taif to Baljurashi; on the second day,s way started from Baljurashi to Namas.

Al-Namas, located in the north of the Asir region, is characterized by nature, the Sarawat mountain range, and many valleys, including Wadi Tihama, the most important valley in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The second day: -

  • Starting point Breakfast at the hotel in Baljurashi
  • Raghadan Forests - Al Baha
  • Nasser Mountains - Namas
  • Lunch and rest in Tanuma
  • Manana Mountains in Tanuma
  • Hotel comfort in the city of Al-Baha
  • Dinner at a fine dining restaurant
  • End the trip at Al Sarawat Hotel.

The Souda Mountains in Abha

Third Destination Plan

From Abha to the Souda Mountains

Abha is a city overflowing with charm and beauty in terms of geographical nature. It is considered one of the most important cities in the Asir region due to its height above sea level, but it is called the bride of the mountain. It is also famous for fog and is unique in its cold and beautiful atmosphere, which is an attractive place for explorers and adventurers in car trips organized by Seven.

Then the adventurers continued the path to the Soudah area, which is covered with juniper trees and covered with fog throughout the year and is characterized by sports activities and events during the summer period and is characterized by historical places such as the village of Rijal Almaa, various arts, in addition to adventure tours organized by Seven.

The third day: -

  • The day started from the hotel with breakfast
  • Highland areas in Abha
  • Visit the village of Al-Muftaha in Abha
  • Lunch at a fine-dining restaurant
  • Explore the Souda Mountains
  • Bin Hamsan village in Khamis Mushait
  • Celebrating the end of the trip in Khamis Mushait
  • Return to the hotel at the end of the day

The participating cars were 24 supercars from various international companies such as Porsche, Ferrari, McLaren, Aston Martin, and Lexus.

The first and extraordinary voyage to the south of the Kingdom organized by Seven has ended.

It was an exceptional experience for car enthusiasts.

All thanks to the participants in the success of the South Trip - 2020

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