2015 The Pat Bike

Mileage: New | Colour: Black

2015 The Pat Bike
Brand New | Only 1 Examples were built
Available in Hittin Showroom

Key Facts

  • Engine Type: S&S 107 ci
  • Horsepower: 120 HP (upgraded carb and oil system)
  • Engine Breathability: The first one has top breathers at the rocker boxes and the carb breather system is also made on-site
  • Transmission Type: Lift-side drive 6-speed high-performance dual shift hand & feet

Equipment and Features

  • Engine Cases: One-of-a-kind made by aircraft aluminum on-site
  • Primary Type: Heavy-duty high-preference Ultima case, clutch case by BDL
  • Custom Covers: Covers made from aircraft aluminum on-site
  • Hardware: All hardware on the bike is stainless steel, ensuring top quality of everything
  • Carburetor: Super E S&S with high-performance S&S manifold and vacuum switch


The Pat bike , A Fusion of Power and Luxury on Two Wheels, and unmatched exclusivity: 1 of 1 models ever built!Where Innovation and Individuality Converge for an Unparalleled Riding Experience, Now available in our showroom, for more details