TIME OUT Restaurant Awards event

TIME OUT Restaurant Awards event

Best restaurants in Riyadh 2023

The Time Out Restaurant Awards event is an annual celebration that recognizes the best and most noteworthy restaurants in a particular city or region It serves as a platform to honor culinary excellence, innovation, and outstanding dining experiences The event brings together food enthusiasts, industry professionals, and renowned chefs to acknowledge the exceptional contributions of restaurants to the local dining scene.

At the Time Out event on September 6th 2023, which was organized to identify Riyadh's top restaurants, over 170 restaurants across 18 categories were represented, The assessment of the eateries was highly accurate and lasted for a whole year , Leading up to the event, Time Out magazine invites the public to nominate their favorite restaurants in each category, This allows diners to have a voice and contribute to the selection process ,After the nomination period, a panel of expert judges, often including food critics, journalists, and industry professionals, carefully evaluates the nominated restaurants based on various criteria such as food quality, creativity, ambiance, service, and overall dining experience.

SEVEN proudly serves as the sponsor of the esteemed Time Out Event
As a renowned and forward-thinking organization, Seven understands the significance of recognizing culinary excellence and supporting the vibrant restaurant industry. By partnering with Time Out, Seven demonstrates its commitment to fostering innovation, celebrating outstanding dining experiences, and nurturing a thriving culinary community.

The CEO, Adel Al Rajab,While presenting the award to the winning restaurant Asian restaurant, Hakkasan

Also, the winning Americas restaurant  Coya


Overall, the Time Out Restaurant Awards event is a highly anticipated occasion that celebrates the vibrant and dynamic restaurant industry, recognizes excellence, and inspires both chefs and food enthusiasts to explore new culinary horizons.